Occupy This

Continuing to have discussions with people who think the Occupy Movement is about transferring wealth from middle class taxpayers to the benefit of classic lazy welfare recipients, specifically the young and educated who allegedly are making all possible attempts to avoid obtaining a job. It’s hard to convince someone that their most dearly held myth is not applicable to this circumstance. It’s like rushing forward while looking in the rear view mirror.

Let’s be clear: the Occupy Movement is about the financial gaming done by and for the advantage of the top 1%. And if the momentum for wealth concentration isn’t reversed, then that top 1% could game it all.

Here’s an example of the clearest goals that I can support, from Barry Ritzholt:

  1. No more bailouts / Bring Back Real Capitalism,
  2. End Too Big To Fail / Restore Competition,
  3. Take Congress back from Wall Street.

See the link for details. You really want to label that “liberal socialism?”

If you didn’t understand these three issues to be on the table, then you haven’t been listening very well. Don’t fall for the hippie/bongo crap, unless you’re willfully a mushroom.

3 thoughts on “Occupy This”

  1. Those 3 issues summarize it very well. However, the devil is in the details. All the rederick would indicate it was a plot by the 1%. I disagree.

    I loathe the bail-outs. Eliminating to-big-to-fail is an admiral goal. Of course no one wants to seriously talk about how one achieves that and what the repercussions are. Come to think of I don’t know what they would be. But I do believe had the bail-outs not taken place, Occupy Wallstreet would be the real tea party!

  2. Of course the consolidation of wealth and power is not a grand takeover plot. Dick Cheney proved that the inherent chaos of our system makes that very difficult to pull off. The 1% do not ALL belong to the same country club. Nor even per Warren Buffett the same political party. But since money is required to get elected to politics and often times the judicial bench, and since politicians make laws and judges interpret the laws, over time, where possible, and incrementally, the system has been gamed to the advantage of that 1% in order to reinforce their wealth and political influence, to the disadvantage of the the 99%.

    It’s time for a neutralization.