Conservatism’s lost touch with reality

I seem to often find myself at the angry disciplinary end of a chat dialog with a neophyte austerian theoretician.  My positions, though they seem contrary relative to my adversary’s, are really just pointing out that the preference for no government and no taxes is not rooted in any quantitate point-your-finger-at-it type evidence. Their assurance is supported by nothing other than hand-waving.  It’s just a feel good mental massage type religion.

The interesting question is whether those adversaries invest their retirement funds in accordance with their extreme confidence of the no gov/tax belief.  Probably, if they have any money to invest.  So it’s safe to assume that most of them will ultimately need a great deal of assistance from a big government.

Nice piece Fareed Zakaria.

How Today’s Conservatism Lost Touch with Reality – TIME.